How I work

‘Turning conflict into conversation’

Mediation is a face-to-face conversation between two people in conflict about the issues important to them.  They are supported in this conversation by an impartial third person with specialized training.

In the way I practise mediation, people retain the power to act on their own insights and decisions.

You may be surprised by what happens.

Many people in mediation may develop a new understanding of their differences or of how the other person sees the situation.  People often become clearer about their options and resources, and their best course of action.

Mediation is voluntary, confidential and empowering.

VOLUNTARY – you decide to enter mediation and you decide whether to continue with it

CONFIDENTIAL – generally speaking, what’s said in the mediation room stays in the mediation room

EMPOWERING – you decide what to talk about in mediation, how to talk about it and what outcome suits you best

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