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Polygamy, Serial Monogamy, and Support Arrangements

In the wake of Wednesday’s decision by the Supreme Court of British Columbia upholding the constitutionality of the Criminal Code’s ban on polygamy, the Globe and Mail today publishs an interesting commentary by McGill University law professor, Robert Leckey. Leckey points out … Continue reading

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How to argue with teenagers? Know when to stop!

I’ve had occasion in the past to favourably cite psychologist Anthony E. Wolf, the parenting columnist at The Globe and Mail.  In this morning’s paper, he discusses what he calls the No. 1 day-to-day mistake parents of teens make: not withdrawing from … Continue reading

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When a Parent Disses the Other Parent in front of Children

It’s a commonplace in the child development literature that telling your children how much you blame your former spouse or partner for the breakdown of the relationship may be harmful for the children themselves. Clinical psychologist, Anthony E. Wolf, tackles … Continue reading

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Co-Parenting Dos and Don’ts

From the website of Mark A. Nacol, an attorney in Texas, comes this helpful set of tips for good co-parenting: Do not talk negatively, or allow others to talk negatively, about the other parent, their family and friends or their … Continue reading

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Mindful Parenting Bibliography

From Stephanie West Allen’s idealawg of November 11, 2010: Psychologist Jonathan Kaplan has compiled a list titled “Mindful Parenting Resources” [pdf]. From the introduction: There are many guides for mindful parenting. However, there seems to be little consensus about what … Continue reading

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Mediation for Families in Ottawa

Please have a look at my new Facebook page, Mediation for Families in Ottawa and let me know what you think.

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Mandatory Book Summaries ordered by Toronto Judge

From the Toronto Star of October 28, 2010: A judge has ordered two warring parents to read three books on communicating, parenting and divorce and write a one-page summary of an insight they gain from each. Ontario Superior Court Justice … Continue reading

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Parenting: What’s the Father-Child Bond have to do with it?

A very interesting post on Dr. Marsha Lucas’s blog, ReWire Your Brain for Love®, caught my eye but because of work on my new business site, Ottawa Family Mediation, I only got around to reading it today.  The blog post … Continue reading

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Nonviolent Communication

Here’s an interesting seven minute video from the Nonviolent Communication Blog illustrating parenting with non-violent or compassionate communication skills. more about “The Nonviolent Communication Blog » P…“, posted with vodpod

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“Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids”

Here’s a program note: Tonight at 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), CBC-TV airs the documentary, Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids.  As the title suggests, it’s about one of the current styles of parenting: the film  looks at the cultural pressures on … Continue reading

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