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Conversations with Ourselves

One of  the telling phrases that sums up the practice of transformative mediation is ‘turning conflict into conversation’.  We believe that conflict is essentially a crisis in interaction, that the crisis can be addressed through interaction, specifically conversation, with the … Continue reading

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Spirituality & Mediation

In this mediate.com video, Zena Zumeta says that family and work are at the heart of who we are as people.  She goes on to stress the importance of working with the process and letting go of outcome.  I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Turning Conflict into Conversation …

is one of the maxims of the transformative mediation model.  Without endorsing the ‘courage campaign’, I wanted to share with you this video of two well-known celebrities.  Not only is it funny but it also points to how certain conversations … Continue reading

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Should I vaccinate my child against pandemic H1N1 Flu?

The challenges such a decision pose are compounded in the case of separated or divorced parents who share custody.  “Custody”, in this jurisdiction at least, is construed as authority to make major decisions in four areas of a child’s life: … Continue reading

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Communications Theory and Conflict Spirals

One of the trenchant observations made by Bush and Folger in the transformative practice literature is how much mediation theory has relied on the negotiation paradigm to conceptualize itself.  In place of this paradigm, Bush and Folger offer communications theory … Continue reading

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Casualties from Wars of Words

Elizabeth Cooney this past Monday in the Boston Globe on the effects family arguments have on children: There is new evidence that family arguing leaves a long-lasting imprint on children, diminishing their future happiness and ability to prosper in the … Continue reading

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@dialogicmed. . .

. . .is Twitter syntax for my Twitter account where you can follow my mini-posts that answer the question, “What are you doing now?”  I’m still trying it out because I remain unsure whether it’s a good fit with development … Continue reading

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A List of 51 Mispronounced Words

An interesting list posted by DailyWritingTips who writes: Alternate pronunciations, however, are a different matter from out-and-out mispronunciations. The latter, no matter how common, are incorrect, either because of the spelling that indicates another pronunciation, or because of what is … Continue reading

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The Art of Misunderstanding–Pictures from an Exhibition

Today’s online edition of the German weekly newspaper Die Zeit has a slide show of images from an exhibition at the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt.  The image below is an installation piece from the exhibition illustrating how misunderstanding seems … Continue reading

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