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Apologies and Healing after Marriage Breakdown

  From a November 2010 mediate.com article by Dina Haddad: During the divorce, you process a variety of thoughts and emotions in attempt to understand what lead to the dissolution of your marriage. You conclude that some of these failures … Continue reading

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Casualties from Wars of Words

Elizabeth Cooney this past Monday in the Boston Globe on the effects family arguments have on children: There is new evidence that family arguing leaves a long-lasting imprint on children, diminishing their future happiness and ability to prosper in the … Continue reading

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Empathy, Apology and Forgiveness

One of the ‘founder generation’ of transformative mediation, Dorothy J. Della Noce, has published an interesting piece on apology in the first issue of the Dutch journal, ConflictInzicht magazine.  It’s largely based  on research by Seiji Takaku, a report of which … Continue reading

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Apology & the Practice of Medicine

There’s an interesting piece in today’s Globe and Mail about making apologies to patients for medical errors, including offering compensation. According to the news article, By taking a principled approach of quickly disclosing medical errors and apologizing to patients, health … Continue reading

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CUSA & Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser

Have you heard of or been following the controversy here in Ottawa over the Carleton University Students Association’s (CUSA) decision to drop its frosh week fundraiser for the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation? The [Carleton University Students Association] motion, which passed … Continue reading

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Genuine Apologies (continued)

Mary Zachar in Indiana has posted a very insightful comment to my post Genuine Apologies.  I’m reprinting her comment in full below to ensure that it gets the wider circulation it merits: Accepting responsibility may be lacking even in this … Continue reading

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Genuine Apologies

We all tacitly know when an apology has the ring of truth, and when it does not.  We can deepen our understanding by thinking about what makes an apology not an apology.  One of the simplest but most cogent analyses … Continue reading

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