Family mediator’s list of myths and misunderstandings

Florida attorney and family mediator, Diane Danois, recently set out a number of myths and misunderstandings that may affect decision making when separating and divorcing:

Diane Danois

#1 Myth: Using a mediator precludes me from consulting with a lawyer.

#2 Myth: The first step is filing and “serving” my spouse.

#3 Myth: I have to resolve all of our issues in mediation.

#4 Myth: I have to be in the same room as my spouse.

#5 Myth: I won’t be able to consult with experts (accountants, realtors, etc.) to help me make final decisions. I will be all alone in my decision-making, and won’t get what I deserve.

#6 Myth: I will be getting legal advice from a mediator, instead of a lawyer.

None of these statements is correct in Florida (or in Ontario for that matter) as Danois explains in her recent article on The Huffington Post.

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