Transformative Mediation Training and Spiritual Communities

Winnie Backlund

I’m just back from taking part as a role play coach in the three-day “Basic  Mediation Training – The Transformative Approach to Mediation”.

The training was co-led by Winnie Backlund and Basia Solarz, and was held with hand-picked leaders of a spiritual community located in Halifax.

A strong affinity was found between some of the premises of transformative practice and the teachings in this community. My personal hope as a transformative practitioner is that this seed of interest will find fertile ground in which to grow, and that transformative practice will be found to be helpful.

Basia Solarz

Often affinities that are at first seen between the premises of transformative practice and other practices become open to question under closer examination.  See on this point Dan Simon’s blog post on the differences between non-violent communication and transformative mediation.

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