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Whether or not to Forgive: A Matter of Choice

Rabbi Jonathan Romain of Maidenhead Synagogue just west of London responded on 25 July in the pages of the Guardian to the question, “What is the point of forgiveness?”. Among the important points Dr. Romain makes are the following:  Unless forgiveness … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy and Family Law Equalization Payments

The Supreme Court of Canada yesterday handed down a unanimous decision in a case called, Schreyer v. Schreyer.  The Court upheld a previous decision by the Manitoba Court of Appeal to the effect that a payor spouse could be relieved … Continue reading

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EDITOR’S NOTE: “Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook”

For those trying to link to my business site in order to read my review of Transformative Mediation: A Sourcebook, after much difficulty technical errors have been corrected and the original post has been amended.  For ease of reference, here … Continue reading

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Baruch Bush on Transformative Mediation & Family Conflict

In this YouTube video, Baruch Bush, co-author with Joe Folger of The Promise of Mediation, describes a family conflict over elder care that involves the elderly parents, their children and a care institution: Transformative Mediation & Family Conflict, posted with vodpod

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Review of Transformative Mediation – A Sourcebook

I’m pleased to note that has published my review of the latest addition to the transformative mediation literature, Transformative Mediation – A Sourcebook  Resources for Conflict Intervention Practitioners and Programs. You can get a PDF version of the review … Continue reading

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