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FAQs on Mediation

Actually, they’re not frequently asked questions about mediation, but they ought to be. Distinguished mediator, educator and practice consultant, Tammy Lenski, urges potential clients to [a]sk prospective mediators questions like these to assess experience, depth of training and education, and adaptability: … Continue reading

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Court-connected mediation & the Transformative Model

What place does transformative mediation have in court-connected programs? More than 1000 cases are referred to the Mediation Center of Dutchess County [New York State] each year from courts and similar agencies. In one recent year, more than 600 cases … Continue reading

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Co-Parenting Dos and Don’ts

From the website of Mark A. Nacol, an attorney in Texas, comes this helpful set of tips for good co-parenting: Do not talk negatively, or allow others to talk negatively, about the other parent, their family and friends or their … Continue reading

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