Is Transformative Mediation suitable for all types of conflict?

Its detractors often state that because transformative mediation subscribes to a relational world-view, it isn’t really suitable in types of conflict, say over an insurance claim or a construction dispute, where relationships may be short-term or ephemeral.  Here’s a short clip of Joe Folger, one of the codifiers of this approach, commenting on how this  model restores the promise of meditiation, to give people voice and choice:

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Is Transformative Mediation suitable for all types of conflict?

  1. Pattie Porter

    Thanks for sharing this video with Joe Folger. Essentially he is saying that transformative mediation is appropriate for any type of case based on the premises that people want voice and choice. I believe it is the mediation programs administrators who drive the idea that transformative mediation is not appropriate because they are driven by numbers…to get the cases settled. Many of the mediation programs especially in the courts or insurance programs are to lessen the court docket, reduce the case load, so their goal is get it settled. As I remember Dorothy Della Noce saying years ago our philosophy drives our practice. Pattie

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  3. dialogicmediation Post author

    Yes, that’s right; purpose drives practice whether you realize it or not! Thank you for adding your comment to this post!

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