Joe Folger Interviewed about Transformative Mediation

Joseph Folger

Below is a recent podcast interview of Joe Folger, the co-originator of the transformative mediation model.  It aired on February 16, 2o10 on Negotiate! a show on blog talk radio.  This is an excellent resource both for mediators trained in other approaches who are interested in learning more about the transformative model and people who are considering mediation as a means to resolve differences or disputes.  It is, however, quite lengthy at 60 minutes.  It can be downloaded to a MP3 player and listened to in segments.  Here is a rough guide to it:

  • The interview itself begins at around the 5:15 mark and deals with the approach of transformative mediation and how it differs from from other models;
  • at roughly 23:30, the discussion covers the two editions of The Promise of Mediation, and how despite the same title, the books differ (see also my post, Transformative Mediation Misunderstood);
  • after the 30:39 mark, the conversation turns to training in transformative practice;
  • an exchange on transformative theory begins around the 35:20 mark;
  • a preview of training at 54:30 app; and
  • at 52:25, Joe asks Paulo, a trained mediator, his reaction to the transformative model: Paulo is concerned about parties getting carried away by their emotions in the heat of the moment, and the mediator losing control of the session; Joe talks about the role of emotions in conflict and the requirement that mediators be (or become) comfortable with conflict interaction

Download: the-promise-of-mediation-a-transformative-view-of-.mp3?localembed=download

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