Should I vaccinate my child against pandemic H1N1 Flu?

2009 November 6
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by dialogicmediation

Brian Galbraith of Barrie, Ontario

The challenges such a decision pose are compounded in the case of separated or divorced parents who share custody.  “Custody”, in this jurisdiction at least, is construed as authority to make major decisions in four areas of a child’s life: health, religious training, education and extracurricular activities.

Nancy Van Tine alerted me to this post by Brian Galbraith, a family lawyer in Barrie, Ontario, on this matter:

I always remind my clients ACBD: “Always Consult Before Deciding”.
If you share joint custody with your ex, you have an obligation to make all major decisions affecting your children together. This includes major medical decisions.
Whether to vaccinate your child is a “major decision” requiring you to discuss it  and decide with your co-parent, if you share joint custody.
I suggest you call or email your ex and offer these links so your ex can become informed too. Avoid it becoming a power struggle. Stick to the facts and the best interests of your children.
Even if you don’t share joint custody, it is a good idea to consult with your ex before proceeding so that your ex spouse feels involved. Your children benefit from having two involved parents and participation in decision-making helps make a parent feel involved.

Excellent advice!  Read the whole post here.

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