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Cognitive Biases

[. . .] questionnaires can be designed to encourage the answers you want. People’s opinions are not objective facts like their height and weight, they change depending on the context and on how they are asked. (H/T: Mind Hacks)

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Acting like the Boss

I’ve just come across an interesting post on bosses published a couple of weeks ago at the blog, Weird Things. A study by social psychologists at the University of California not only confirms the axiom that talking like a leader … Continue reading

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Polygamy & the FLDS

Further to my post, Polygamy & Human Rights, I received a link to a trailer of the film, Banking on Heaven, from Laurie Allen.  She produced, narrated and wrote this insider’s look at the largest polygamous enclave in the U.S., … Continue reading

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Welcome! Bienvenu!

For background information, click here.

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Mediation and Justice

Geoff Sharp has once again pointed me towards an interesting paper in Scottish cyberspace, this time on “Mediation and Social Norms” by Charlie Irvine.  (Previously, he pointed me towards a discussion paper for union members, Should I try mediation? that … Continue reading

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Where is the mind situated?

Stephanie West Allen’s Brains on Purpose™ points to an interesting paper, “Philosophical Foundations of Law and Neuroscience” written by two law professors that deals with some problematic premises regarding the relationship of mind to brain. “Here’s an excerpt from the … Continue reading

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“Transforming Conflict Through Insight”

With today’s launch of Transforming Conflict Through Insight, it is timely to republish an earlier post (October 11, 2008)  now that this blog’s readership has grown: Unlike the fuzzy term referred to in the post below on ‘The Magic of … Continue reading

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Savouring the moment

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Take Our Poll!

(H/T: Diane Levin)

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World Economic Summit-A Buddhist Perspective

After completing his Ph. D thesis in molecular genetics in 1972 at l’Institut Pasteur, Mathieu Ricard renounced a scientific career for a lifelong study of Tibetan Buddhism.  He is the French translator for His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  An accomplished … Continue reading

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