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I just wanted to pass along what I think is pretty good value in on-line shopping.  Most blogs and websites I’ve seen link to when citing books.  If I were to follow that practice, I guess that I would link to since I’m based in Canada.

With these two sites as well as with many other on-line book ordering sites, free delivery is offered only when orders exceed a specified amount.  But when ordering books under that specified amount, there is a shipping charge per order plus a per item charge as well, depending on the delivery method chosen and whether you have a domestic or international address.

I recently discovered the Book Depository which offers free delivery to addresses worldwide on all its orders not just those over a specified value.  Now of course foreign exchange from pounds sterling to your own currency has to be factored in, but because there are no additional shipping charges per order and per item, it is often if not always more advantageous to use the Book Depository.

I recently ordered a book that costs £7.44 (CAD$15.07 according to from the  The same book costs CAD$14.21 from, but if your order does not exceed CAD$39.00, there is an additional shipping charge of CAD$10.99 per shipment and CAD$1.99 per item in the shipment.  So if I ordered this book by itself from, I would have had to pay CAD$27.19 compared to CAD$14.21 from the

What about delivery times?  Well, the book depository site says the expected standard delivery time on orders to the U.S. and Canada is seven to ten working days.  Not bad, eh?  But listen to this — I ordered the book in question on October 23rd and it arrived on October 28th, i.e. four working days!

(I have not received nor will I accept any benefit from this post.)

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